July 2009

This last Saturday I had the pleasure of going on a date. Wahoo! But this was no ordinary date, it was one my husband actually planned himself. Aren’t those type so fun? We started off by scouring Anchorage for tile. Hmmm… sounds like hubby planned the evening, huh? After hitting up store after store for a tile matching our discontinued entry variety, we discovered one thing: tile is EXPENSIVE. Ouch.The only exception to this is the big box stores, which is the route we’re considering.

After home improvement shopping, we were off to my favorite Greek restaurant, Pizza Olympia. We know to always plan for a leisurely meal at this restaurant, and this occasion was no exception. Two hours later, we emerged from the eatery with full bellies and smiles on our faces.

The final stop of the night was the Sullivan Arena for Lippezanner stallion performance. I first saw the Lippezanners as a horse-crazed little girl, and it was fun to enjoy the show again as an adult. Here are a few of my favorite movements from the night:

The Capriole

The Courbette

If you’re so inclined, the Lipezzaner show will also be coming to the Menard Sports Complex this Wednesday night, July 29th. Tickets are available at CarrsTix and at Tickets.com. If you were ever a horse-crazed child, treat yourself to a night of appreciating some equine beauty and talent.


There’s a new joint in town, Papa Johns. Don’t confuse them with the similarly named establishment, otherwise called “Papa I’ve got an oven, a craving for good cheap pizza, and I can wait 20 minutes for a full belly.” If you enjoy Evangelo’s-style pizza (non-greasy, thick crust) then check this place out. We decided to try PJ’s out last weekend and we were happy campers. The only downers: 1) their size large is a size medium elsewhere, and 2) they’re a bit spendier than the typical Alaskan greaseball joint. Our large (medium elsewhere) 3 topping pizza was $16. BUT, if you order online, which is super-duper easy, the same pizza is only $14. If you plan on being a regular, it’s worth signing up for their email specials. Four days after joining, I got an email coupon for an $11 three-topping pizza. Shweeeet. To reiterate, it’s more expensive than the other “Papa’s”, but it’s a nice alternative for when you’re craving a different style of pizza.

That spells Sitka backward. Just in case that ever comes up on a quiz show or something.

I plan to be back with regular posts soon. But to whet your appetite for the trip photos to come, here’s a favorite from our recent excursion to my home turf, located smack dab in the middle of the world’s largest temperate rainforest.


Embarassingly (I consider myself a bit of a tech guru) the photo flips onto it’s side during uploading, and I don’t want to delay this post by messing with it any more. Well, I also don’t want to delay a slice of crusty baguette topped with fresh hummus from entering my belly. I just want to be honest with ya’. So anyway, to capture the full cuteness of this pic, please follow these instructions:

  1. Firmly grasp your computer monitor with both hands
  2. Ever so gently, rotate your monitor (or laptop) 90 degrees counter-clockwise
  3. Appreciate photo
  4. Very carefully, keeping both hands firmly planted on your screen, rotate your monitor back to its starting position. Careful here, we don’t want to give your hard drive something to scream about 🙂