November 2006

Brian and Jimmy

As I sit here typing this, I have spongebob playing on the tv in the background. It’s an attempt to keep Jimmy occupied. I admit it, the TV is a good babysitter. And used in moderation, I think it’s a-o-k. Spongebob is a bit over Jimmy’s level, but it cracks me up.

Here is a pic from Brian’s trip down a few weeks ago. After a rocky start (I’d be scared of a smelly wild haired man too) Jimmy and B got along well. Brian serenaded him with his guitar playing each morning.


Green Beans

I was warming up some green beans for Jimmy this afternoon (woohoo, he’s eating green beans!) and was surprised to see them start sparking in the microwave. I pulled out the beans and examined them for foreign objects, but found nothing out of the ordinary, save a couple of black dots on two of the beans. What in the world? Why did they cause the microwave to go nuts? I searched the web for others who have experienced this phenomenon and found some interesting info. Apparently, green beans are a dense vegetable that has higher amounts of minerals, which can act like metal in the microwave. Has anybody else ever had this happen to them? I’ve been microwaving green beans for a while now (sorry mom, I use whatever dish is at hand, even if it’s *gasp* plastic), and this is my first fireworks show.

Seen recently on the license plate of a chevy work truck travelling through Wasilla:


Jog or Knit? Only thing I could come up with. Why do people have to make these so difficult to figure out? Anyone else have any ideas? By anyone else, I mean the two people who still read this – thanks Mom and Melissa! 🙂

Well, Apple support has lived up to it’s forum reputation. My macbook arrived at my doorstep yesterday, after being sent out less than a week before. My hard drive, processor, and heat sync were replaced, among other things. So, I guess it really was having problems. We’ll see if it runs more smoothly after this…

It’s a good thing I got my laptop back this week. Now I can watch tv and surf the net at the same time to get the latest voting results – wahoo!

Check out the “Sitka Pics” page for photos from our recent trip to Sitka. Hopefully soon I’ll have some pics from Brian’s visit soon. For family and friends who are interested, Brian is hoping to be out at the cabin early next week. Kevin and I are considering a snowmachine trip up to visit him (which would be very interesting, considering that all we would have is a starting point and some GPS coordinates).