September 2007


Huckabee is on a roll, surprising both members of the GOP and the Democratic party with his rise in popularity. People seem to like Huckabee, and given that he has spent less on campaign finance than his top tier brethren (and yet still increased in the polls), it appears that he is connecting with Americans. He doesn’t apologize for his beliefs, or his stance on the issues. A recent Newsweek article explains Huckabee’s rise as a “serious candidate for President.”

Also interesting is the emergence of Ron Paul as the “anti Iraq war” candidate in the GOP field. Some have touted Paul as the candidate with crossover appeal. Check out Huckabee and Paul duking it out over the war at the recent Fox GOP debate here. I really wish I would have seen the debate and plan on watching it in it’s entirety soon (thanks YouTube). You can check out RP’s written stance on the issues here.

Boy, this is going to be a fun year!


cardboard box

My crazy pregnancy/labor/baby dreams have officially begun. Last night I dreamed that I arrived at the hospital for delivery (just in time), delivered, and was then told that there weren’t any beds left in the hospital. I was then shown a piece of cardboard pulled to the side of the hallway and told that would be my temporary “room”. I was so angry! Also, there was a convention of seamstresses (complete with their machines) sewing right next to my “room”. The seamstresses kept distracting my midwife so that she couldn’t take care of me. I’m pretty sure I won’t have to worry about any of these things, but at least I’ll be prepared to fight for my rights should the need arise.