August 2007


Today I had the displeasure of watching a SciFi channel fictional film about a group of researchers who encountered a sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest. The film portrayed the sasquatch as a ferocious beast bent on distruction. Anyone who has done the slightest bit of research on the topic knows that evidence points to an animal that avoids encounters with humans. This is why I was disturbed at a show that perpetuates the myths of a ferocious beast roaming the woods.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and my family commonly drove the back roads of some of Oregon’s most popular sasquatch-sighting areas. Although we never sighted the elusive animal, we always kept our eyes trained to the roadside when Dad would inform us we were entering bigfoot country. It’s still an argument amongst the family members as to whether or not sasquatches exist.

Have you done any bigfoot research? Do you believe that bigfoot’s existance is a possibility? What are your reasons for believing the way you do?

If you’re interested, check out this site, Bigfoot: fact or fantasy?

In response to Mel over at The Southern Life, (ok, she didn’t ask for responses, but I felt compelled) here’s a little glimpse into my head.

I’m a planner, not a DO-er. Example: we need to have our van inspected so that we can add comprehensive to our insurance policy. Several weeks ago I went on Geico’s site, took down the name of a local inspection shop, and added “schedule van inspection” to my daily planner. Then, I procrastinated for weeks because I didn’t want to actually call and schedule because that would mean maybe having to leave the house at an inconvenient time (I was maybe expecting that they only inspect vehicles after 10pm??) Finally, I added their phone number to the “schedule van inspection” item (which by now had been moved forward every day for40 days). I think we’re going in this Saturday morning. When Kevin’s along, he’s sort of a buffer to my anti doing-ness.

Another example: I have planned entire vacations and not gone on them (including hotel, airfare, and transportation). Did you know that Kevin and I have (not) been to Molokai? Or (not) to St. Thomas in the Caribbean?

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So post already!

Well, we’re expecting again in early March. We’re excited, but also anxious knowing what we’re getting ourselves into: a toddler and a newborn. Obviously we’re gluttons for punishment. But then again, so are millions of other couples across the world. I’ve already made several lists: lists for a pre-birth to-do “timeline”, lists for food to have stocked for the first couple months, lists of people who can take Jimmy in an emergency, lists of lists to make… I love lists!

Here’s a little exchange that happened this past weekend and can be attributed to my crazy pregnancy hormones:

I watched the movie “Anna and the King” on T.V. while Kevin played World of Warcraft in the game room. By the end of the movie I was crying, and I went into the game room for some cheering up. “They didn’t end up together” I bawled to Kevin. He knowingly patted me on the head in an attempt to console me. After a few more moments of tears, I noticed that the glow from the screen had made the room annoyingly bright. I started sobbing anew, “It’s too bright in here, I should have never come in here!” Finally Kevin switched off the game and gave me a hug. That started a new cascade of tears, “I love Jimmy so much!” I sobbed. After another 15 minutes of this I was finally able to gain some control 🙂

This past weekend Kevin received a call from a local pharmacy to inform us that Jimmy’s prescription was ready. Kevin was confused, as Jimmy hasn’t been to the doctor lately, and wasn’t aware of any outstanding prescriptions. Upon inquiring as to the nature of the prescription, Kevin was informed that Jimmy’s “walker” was waiting down at the pharmacy. Ok, so he did use a walker several months ago, but not the type that required a pharmacy. Kevin told the caller that Jimmy was only 18 months and after a few minutes of gathering details it was discovered that their must have been another patient with the same name. I hope they found the rightful owner!