In response to Mel over at The Southern Life, (ok, she didn’t ask for responses, but I felt compelled) here’s a little glimpse into my head.

I’m a planner, not a DO-er. Example: we need to have our van inspected so that we can add comprehensive to our insurance policy. Several weeks ago I went on Geico’s site, took down the name of a local inspection shop, and added “schedule van inspection” to my daily planner. Then, I procrastinated for weeks because I didn’t want to actually call and schedule because that would mean maybe having to leave the house at an inconvenient time (I was maybe expecting that they only inspect vehicles after 10pm??) Finally, I added their phone number to the “schedule van inspection” item (which by now had been moved forward every day for40 days). I think we’re going in this Saturday morning. When Kevin’s along, he’s sort of a buffer to my anti doing-ness.

Another example: I have planned entire vacations and not gone on them (including hotel, airfare, and transportation). Did you know that Kevin and I have (not) been to Molokai? Or (not) to St. Thomas in the Caribbean?

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