February 2012

It’s worth noting, for anyone aspiring to memorize verses 7&8 of Psalms 130 (a pastoral homework assignment) that the Jamie Soles album Ascending includes a Psalms 130 track. It follows the ESV version of the bible, looping back periodically to emphasize verses 3&4 as a chorus section. I enjoy listening to this album throughout the day, particularly when I feel as though I’m loosing my patience with our little blessings. My attitude is quickly corrected as I listen to the refrain:

“If you, O LORD, should mark my sins, O Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness, that you may be feared.”



Because I need to put something on the blog:


Ignore the fact that the focus was on the boy’s blankie, not his precious face. Made by a friend, blankie goes everywhere with us. This kid isn’t quite as much of an addict as his 3 year old brother is, but he’s still a big fan of his lovey.


Apparently you can take some amazing photos in a dark room, using a glow bracelet (or other luminous object). I couldn’t get the settings quite right to create written words, but a photography-savvy acquaintance has assured me that if I just flip the doo-hickey on the thingamajig and increase the blah blah blah setting (or was it decrease?) I’ll turn out some fantastic examples.


Wee babe fell asleep for his most recent nap with his fist shoved in his mouth. You’ve gotta love the whole floppy arm, lack of motor skills cuteness that necessitates this circus act rather than the much more efficient “open mouth, insert thumb” movement. I wonder if this dude will be a thumb sucker? Come to think of it, number three has never been a sucker. Interesting. I wonder if he will be able to skip orthodontics? We’ll conduct our own little Maxwell House experiment. Suckers vs non.


Brainiac turned six. Crazy. This week we read about John the Baptist. His comment? “I want to be a follower of Jesus, but I don’t want to be baptized until I’m older because I don’t know how to breathe underwater.”


Little Goat is a great helper. He is eager to complete his daily chores, and also loves to work with papa outdoors, regardless of the temperature. He’s also the only child who has left behind skin on the metal well casing during a cold winter evening.