It’s time for my annual holiday blogging break. I’ve been procrastinating on this post for several days now. Severe blogging procrastination is a good indicator that it’s time for a recess. I plan to be back posting in January. Until then, here are some end of the year updates/helps:

  • We finally painted the living room. Yay! No spanish decor as of yet, but we have our eye on these couches from Baileys that we’re hoping will go on sale half price someday 🙂
  • Shout out to the little coffee stand on the corner of Vine and the Parks Hwy. Thanks to their cheap coffees ($2 for a 12oz latte) we’ve been splurging on this little luxury more often. Not only is the coffee cheap, it is actually good too.
  • 30 weeks and I’m starting to feel a wee bit pregnant. I’ve got that whole “hafta grunt every time I bend down” thing going on. Yay.
  • December or January are good months to check your credit report for possible identity theft. The government-approved site for your free yearly credit check is
  • 7 tax moves to make by year-end is a decent article by BankRate to help you make sure you’re making the most of the tax year. Don’t forget to keep track of those charitable donations, they can bring big bucks come spring tax time.

Seeya in January!