September 2006

Here’s my dream from two nights ago:

Jimmy and I were hanging out at home and Kevin was at work. Throughout the day I had a sort of “creepy” feeling. While Jimmy and I were playing I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and no one was there. Then, a bit later, I felt like I was shoved forward. I realized that there must be a ghost in the house (don’t want to use the word ghost, but I can’t think of a word that would work better). Shortly after Kevin got home from work I noticed a woman sitting in a chair at the end of our hallway. I knew that she was a ghost, but I wasn’t scared. I ran to get Kevin and asked him if he could see the woman. He said “yes”. Immediately we were surrounded by several different “ghosts”. They weren’t scary, they looked just like normal people, but I just knew that they weren’t. These ghosts proceeded to tell me that the church of Latter Day Saints was “true” (didn’t say the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, just Latter day Saints). I said that I couldn’t believe them without proof and they responded, “Do you know Charles Stanley? He’s one of us!” They also said that Chuck Colson was part of their group. How wierd!


I have had the wierdest, most vivid dreams lately. One recent dream found Kevin, Jimmy, and I vacationing at a townhouse in the middle of a large city (possibly in Great Britian). I was getting pretty mad at Kevin because he kept trying to let Jimmy crawl down the stairs. The three of us went out to eat at a cute little coffee shop. During our meal a horde of Dragons invaded the town. The town’s residents were running for cover. Some people escaped on submarines, and others looked for underground shelter. A large group of us (the majority of the townsfolk, over 1000 people) took shelter in an underground shelter. The shelter wasn’t totally dragon-proof though, and it was decided that each hour a person would be sacrificed to the dragons (in order for the remainder to live at peace). The persons to be sacrificed would be chosen at random.

During the Dragon’s attack, Kevin and I had been separated (Kevin had Jimmy). I finally found Kevin at the underground shelter and asked him where our son was. Kevin replied that he had decided to give Jimmy up to be sacrificed. I was horrified. I approached the people in charge of the sacrifices and told them that I volunteered to be fed to the dragons. They were surprised, but let me go. I walked down a long hallway and out a set of doors. Outside the doors was a large open area. The sky was a strange color. In the middle of the area was Jimmy, naked, wrinkled, and shivering. I picked him up and held him close. Then I heard the roar of the Dragon. I knew that if I didn’t have fear in my heart, the Dragon wouldn’t eat me, so I cuddled Jimmy, shut my eyes, and held very still. I heard the Dragon say that he was here for me. I heard his wings flapping as he swooped over me once, then twice. The dragon left and I went back into the shelter. The people were amazed that I was alive.

So, Jimmy’s independence is growing. He’s now begun creeping (Kevin says it’s crawling). I’m happy for the little guy, he enjoys exploring, and it keeps him entertained. I have to watch him more closely, but the layout of our house works well for that. I knew we chose an open floor plan for a reason!

The latest Dittman polls show Sarah Palin at 46% and Tony Knowles at 29%. A few people in the know are already calling the election for Palin. I think it’s too early to tell (plus, I’ve never put too much stock in polls) but I am surprised by these latest numbers. I figured Tony had it in the bag.

A couple years ago I decided to try my hand at making granola. Boxed cereal is just so stinkin’ expensive, and usually not very filling. After going through many, many granola recipes I’ve finally found one that I love. I thought I’d post it here just in case any of my culinary-type friends/family wanted to give it a try:

Granola – Janeen’s version

(originally taken from The Fiddlehead Cookbook, a restaurant located in Juneau)

Mix 10 cups oats with 3 t. ground cinnamon (I also add 1/2 pkg of coconut and some brown sugar). In another small bowl, whisk 4 T. water, 1 C. honey (I use 1/2 Cup), and 1 C. oil. I also add some molasses, and vanilla. I love vanilla! Combine wet and dry ingredients and let rest for 30 min. Bake on cookie sheets in 350 degree oven for 30ish minutes, turning mixture every 10 minutes. Stir in some currants or raisins, and chopped almonds if desired. Makes 1 gallon ziplock bag. For more protein, add sunflower and sesame seeds before baking, if desired.

If anyone else has any good granola recipes, let me know!

Our plan for Labor day was to go berry picking with friends. The plan changed when little crabby man woke up and wouldn’t allow us to set him down without crying. Our guess? Teething. So, some cartoon network for a distraction and an assortment of chilled teething toys became the new plan for the day. After a 5 hour nap (yup, five hours, I figured he needed it) we changed the diagnoses from teething to sick. Who knows. First kid, first teeth, first five hour nap. It’s a crazy new world.