I feel the need to explain my absence. I’ve been doing some serious soul-searching the past couple of months. Every time I think this searching has turned up fodder for the blog, my head and heart have moved on to new territory to dissect. And, frankly, the majority of this searching is revealing some pretty heavy stuff. Not heavy like “oh dear, get this girl a good therapist and a bucket of vitamin D” but more akin to “I am utterly disgusting in heart and mind, and God is so good!” In addition to my icky thought-life, I spend ridiculous amounts of time doing things that DON’T MATTER. I’m not willing to issue a blanket statement that blogging falls into this category, but right now I’m led to continue my current search and destroy mission. I’m thankful for this season of heart-change and the insight into the character of God that He is revealing to me. I think I’ll call this season “Operation Black/White”. I am BLACK, and he is utterly, gloriously, WHITE. I’ll see you in a few (days/weeks/months?).