These mental snapshots were originally begun 3 weeks ago, so the time references are off. Oh, and I’ve just made and eaten yet another birthday cake.

We celebrated Joseph’s second birthday.

Joshua gave us his first smile this week. This is always a timely milestone, much appreciated by a tired mommy.
 I sooooooo want to try a bed of asparagus and garlic this year to overwinter for harvesting in 2013. Google says its possible. Has anyone tried these around here?
Since the birth of the littlest Maxwell the big boys have been doing more household chores. We’ve always had them make their beds, brush teeth, etc., but after reading a post on a friend’s blog about her success with training boys to participate in chores, I was inspired to up the ante with regards to my own children’s chores. Do you want to know what I’ve found? Those cuties can really be helpful when instructed and given age-appropriate tasks! Seriously, I haven’t folded a towel in weeks.

We are utilizing Sonlight’s curriculum this year, just as we did with preschool last year.  I still love Sonlight, and I’m thankful this option is available to us. However, I still feel pulled to trying out Veritas Press next year, a curriculum in the classical style with Biblical study interwoven throughout. Any thoughts on/users of VP out there??
I nearly cut myself in half trying to squeeze into certain pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. The two birthday cakes I’ve single handedly demolished in the last two weeks probably isn’t helping me to stuff myself back into them any sooner.
Here’s a funny autocorrect iMessaged to hubby this morning after noticing that the espresso machine was still loaded with a double-shot cup:
A double espresso this morning? You must have jihad a rough night.
**Please forgive the wierd formatting. My wordpress app is on the fritz!