I write the title of this post not as a Maxwell house accomplishment, but as a struggling child of God who wants to fulfill this command, but isn’t sure how to do it while juggling little boys. Any tips? What does this look like apart from just inviting others over for a meal? A friend of mine will often share food with others in the neighborhood. I like that idea, but fail to remember it when a surplus is available. I wish I would have remembered this idea when I was stuck with a yummy cheesecake last week and single-handedly devoured it in 48 hrs.

We all know those families who are experts in this area. We feel welcomed into their home, and the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting even if the mantle is a bit dusty (not that I looked) or the bathroom counter has an errant splash of toothpaste remaining. This is much preferable to the picture that I usually display, of a hostess running around finishing preparations like a chicken sans cabeza, and often missing a chunk of the meal to feed a tired baby.

Growing up my parents were ALWAYS inviting people over for meals on Sunday, and throughout the week. My Mom is an amazing hostess, and I love having that legacy and example to follow. If only I could figure out what that level hospitality looks like for me right now, in this stage of life.