Well, we’re expecting again in early March. We’re excited, but also anxious knowing what we’re getting ourselves into: a toddler and a newborn. Obviously we’re gluttons for punishment. But then again, so are millions of other couples across the world. I’ve already made several lists: lists for a pre-birth to-do “timeline”, lists for food to have stocked for the first couple months, lists of people who can take Jimmy in an emergency, lists of lists to make… I love lists!

Here’s a little exchange that happened this past weekend and can be attributed to my crazy pregnancy hormones:

I watched the movie “Anna and the King” on T.V. while Kevin played World of Warcraft in the game room. By the end of the movie I was crying, and I went into the game room for some cheering up. “They didn’t end up together” I bawled to Kevin. He knowingly patted me on the head in an attempt to console me. After a few more moments of tears, I noticed that the glow from the screen had made the room annoyingly bright. I started sobbing anew, “It’s too bright in here, I should have never come in here!” Finally Kevin switched off the game and gave me a hug. That started a new cascade of tears, “I love Jimmy so much!” I sobbed. After another 15 minutes of this I was finally able to gain some control 🙂