There’s a new joint in town, Papa Johns. Don’t confuse them with the similarly named establishment, otherwise called “Papa I’ve got an oven, a craving for good cheap pizza, and I can wait 20 minutes for a full belly.” If you enjoy Evangelo’s-style pizza (non-greasy, thick crust) then check this place out. We decided to try PJ’s out last weekend and we were happy campers. The only downers: 1) their size large is a size medium elsewhere, and 2) they’re a bit spendier than the typical Alaskan greaseball joint. Our large (medium elsewhere) 3 topping pizza was $16. BUT, if you order online, which is super-duper easy, the same pizza is only $14. If you plan on being a regular, it’s worth signing up for their email specials. Four days after joining, I got an email coupon for an $11 three-topping pizza. Shweeeet. To reiterate, it’s more expensive than the other “Papa’s”, but it’s a nice alternative for when you’re craving a different style of pizza.