Most people probably won’t read this post until the debate is over, but Saturday night on ABC (at 5pm in AK) there will be a debate between presidential candidates. I haven’t watched a debate since the early fall, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the candidates have changed (or, preferably, remained unchanged). With the early states caucusing in the late winter ย I realize that a candidate will be handed to me before the primaries, but it’s still fun to examine the options. If you miss the telecast, you can catch the online feed on Yahoo.

There are several sites on the web which gather information about candidates. One such site is 2012 Presidential Candidatesย which has interesting information on several issues. Lately I’m remembering the election 8 years ago when I was finishing college and an economics classmate was lamenting all the “single issue voters” who in his mind were unenlightened idiots. Now I find myself in the position of choosing from a handful of candidates who (at least on paper) support my view of the abortion issue, and trying to determine who is genuine in their stance, and who is merely political. Which candidate really has what it takes to support not only this issue, but truly understands the economics of running a country successfully? Give me a candidate who both understands the value of God-given, god-imaged life (from sperm-meets-egg), and supports a Smithian view of economics, and I’ll show you one smart cookie.