I read this article from a mom of 8 boys today and enjoyed her words of wisdom. With our fourth son due in 6 short weeks, I have happily avoided many of the hurtful comments that other moms of single genders have endured. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I tend to be a bit of a homebody (less time to interact with strangers), and the people I do see tend to generally be kind and thoughtful. The interesting difference between myself and the author of the above article (other than the fact that she’s expecting her eighth boy) is that I DON’T WANT a girl. When I’m asked “Will you try for a girl?” or “Were you hoping for a girl?” I usually respond that my husband would like a daughter, which is true. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-girls or anything, I just don’t feel like there’s something missing by not experiencing the difference of parenting a female. Since even before we had children, I’ve wanted boys. I’d happily welcome the experience of parenting a daughter, and I’d like for that desire of my husband’s to be fulfilled, but I am honestly perfectly content without the experience. Perhaps this oddity is due to my former “girls-are-scary-combatants-who-need-to-be-contended-with-as-we-trample-each-other-while-clawing-at-our-goals” mentality of high school. Perhaps not πŸ™‚Β Image