This week I:

  • dug a plastic play-dough knife out of the innards of our piano
  • realized I can’t send the 20 month old out without mittens anymore (boo!)
  • doled out an unnecessary spanking. Ugh.
  • realized how cool Value Village can be
  • am anxiously awaiting the giant crock of kraut to finish fermenting (any guesses as to wether or not we’ll actually eat all this kraut??)
  • hit some sort of “must eat” zombie state in the pregnancy. So much for those good weight numbers.
  • remembered that play-dough is awesome, but not so cool is play-dough-plus-carpeting
  • was reminded a million times why homeschooling is cool (not that public schooling can’t be too!)
  • finally tried Deva Curl after years of being recommended this product by friends. It’s one of those things you know you should do, but keep resisting because it’s just so popular. Like my friend Lee and the show Lost 🙂
  • found out how funny the word “Tudor” can be to a couple of 5 and 3 year old boys. “Mommy said Tudors!!” *snicker*