The first seed catalog arrived in the mail this past week, from Fedco. The timing of these catalogs is always perfect, as December is far enough away from September that I’ve recovered from the end of year gardening rush and am ready to once again commence planning the following year’s garden. I’m also experimenting growing some lettuce and kale in containers in the windowsill. These were originally put in an Eastern facing window (most kid inaccesible) but have since been moved onto a sill that receives southern exposure. All 5 whopping hours of exposure. As you can guess, these little plants look super wimpy and chlorotic. Next winter I think I’ll wait until after the winter solstice to plant them.

Winter is also a good time to peruse local Gardening blogs to see fellow Alaskan’s successes and failures. Here are some of my local favorites:

And now, a photo because blogs are supposed to have photos, and I didn’t have the heart to snap a picture of my spindly little winter seedlings:

Because today this little dude is 10 months old, and I need a reminder of how small and immobile he once was 😉