Search & Win
I think I’ve posted this before, but here are some helps for saving you a few bucks during this shopping season (late, I know!!):

Ebates – Ebates offers cash back for purchases through their portal. The amount of cash back is usually between 1%-5%. Even if you’re only purchasing a low-cost item, the rebates add up. When I’m tempted to skip this step during shopping, I often ask myself, “If I saw a nickel lying on the street would I bend down to pick it up?” As long as it’s not encased in doggie poo, the answer is “yes”. Ebates even offers cash back for shopping at Ebay. Not yet a member? Be a pal and use my referral link. Or don’t. Whatever.

RetailMeNot – Online coupon codes for all major stores, and many lesser known shopping venues as well. A comments section allows you to see which codes are working and which are out of date.

Swagbucks – Start your shopping research here, and you’ll have a bit of extra “swag” in no time. Just by using this search engine a couple of times a day I generally earn one $5 Amazon gift card a month.

I wish I remembered to use these sites more often than I do. The work is very minimal (unlike some of the other points/$$ earning sites) and the payout is small but free.