1. Alaska state permanent fund dividends will be coming out next week. Check out my previous posts on this topic here, here, and here. Although we had debated somewhat about sticking with our original strategy in light of the current economy (tangibles, anyone?) we’ve decided to keep with the plan for this year. Jacob will finally get his own UTMA/UGMA. Welcome to Fidelity, Little Goat.
  2. The title of this post comes from a mind that has indulged itself in WAAAAY too much entertainment today. I let the kiddos watch their normal pre-breakfast Curious George, and also threw in a post-lunch Three Little Pigs movie. Any guesses as to what I did while they stared blankly at the boob tube? If you guessed “laundry” or “cleaning” you’d be wrong. I surfed the internet mindlessly, of course! Well intentioned surfing (I swapped out bloglines for Google Reader, and researched personal finance software) but even well intentioned-but-not-completely-necessary surfing leads to brain leakage. When I indulge in this sort of computer screen gazing I think I anticipate a feeling of completion or something from obtaining necessary information and organizing my life. Invariably, the result is nearly always the complete opposite; a morning wasted on entertainment disguised as productivity enhancement. Ugh.
  3. I feel some more brain leakage going on. I’d better get off here while I cann sdtill ttttypjeeeeeeeee…