7 quick takes Friday – 7 blurbs about the week

  1. A four hour outtage last night had me thinking about how we could be better prepared for an emergency. Thankfully, it is Sept. and not the middle of freezing cold January. I am sooooo glad that we put in a woodstove. As I lay in bed last night thinking about our plans to have company over today, I was mentally figuring how to prepare the dinner I had planned on the wood stove. Chili on the stove is easy, and I think the corn bread could be done well enough in the dutch oven. But how to bake a pie crust? Could that somehow be done in the dutch oven too? I’m realizing how beneficial the dutch oven would be if I needed to do any baking on the stove.
  2. Last night the four year old woke up several times freaking out because his night light wasn’t on. He was quite convinced that he had been transported into a cave. It wasn’t until this morning that I realized “Hey, why didn’t I just open the curtains in his room to let the moonlight in?” Silly momma. I feel a little bit like I’ve failed him in that respect: being so used to having every convenience that modern life provides, and barely an ounce of thankfulness or ingenuity.
  3. I really want a milk goat. Technically, it’s frowned upon by the homeowners society. Even though I will comply, a piece of me is thinking “We have a fence, and it’s not like there aren’t umpteen annoying dogs already tromping around the subdivision.” Apparently in some states people get around their assoc. rules by claiming the goat as a pet. Lucky for me I have a smart husband who will put his foot down when need be 🙂
  4. Did you know that the Matanuska valley sportsman’s range offers NRA handgun classes for cheap ($30ish)? Coming up next month: First steps pistol, handgun skills enhancement, basic pistol, and refuse to be a victim classes. I’m not looking to become Annie Oakley or anything, but it’s about time I stepped up and got some proficiency training. Otherwise it’s a bit silly to have a firearm(s) around.
  5. I really want to go knit, so that’s it for this Friday. I doubt I’ll ever actually accomplish 7 quick takes. I think I’m ok with that.