Here I am, following a meme I have recently seen orbiting the blogosphere:

7 quick takes Friday – 7 blurbs about the week

  1. We’re in the throes of school decision time. Our four year old will be joining the ranks on school-aged children throughout the country in the fall of next year, and we’re kicking the education option research up a notch. Traditional public, charter, private, and homeschool choices abound, and we (I) have been researching them up the wazoo lately. I had no idea that the decision would be so difficult. I always assumed that my kiddos would go to a traditional public school, like I did. I think we’re really narrowing things down, but I’ll leave that post for another day.
  2. Can ya believe that Murkowski has announced her intentions to start a write-in campaign? That’s gutsy. Very, very gutsy.
  3. We had a fabulous day at the park today. I went friendless, and enjoyed meeting a mom of five boys. I’ve always sort of thought that I didn’t like people. Really. It’s only lately that I’ve been realizing that I DO like people, I just don’t like oodles of them all at once. But give me a shy mom at a park and I LOVE to gently engage her in small talk and meet her kiddos. I love the mental workings of engaging a person in conversation, judging their interest, and communicating at a comfortable level. This kind of communication leaves me feeling energetic and full. The only thing better? Engaging that mom in a conversation about Christ.
  4. The boys were playing with legos this week and Jimmy built a tower-ish structure that he claimed was a spray bottle of household cleaner. Later, Jacob used the same imaginary tool to shoot down an unnamed victim. One imaginary tool, two boys, two very different uses 🙂
  5. My first meme, and I’m already a failure. C’est la vie. Maybe next week I’ll complete all 7…