I would like to confess an addiction. I am addicted to wool socks. Whew, it feels good to get that off my chest. If you noticed my gallivanting around in wool socks in July and thought I was crazy, now you know why. With umpteen months of winter and just a handful of months of un-winter, I’ve found the best way to ensure that I am as warm and toasty as possible is to keep my feet covered to the max. In addition to its warming abilities, wool has many uber cool properties, including its ability to maintain warmth even when wet. Now that the cat is out of the bag, on to my real dilemma: wool socks are expensive. Several pairs for each family member have been on my to-buy list for months now, with no action (I’m such a cheap-o!). Searching the ‘net high and low for a decently priced sock, along with the local box stores to no avail (“excuse me lady, you’re looking for wool socks in August? No, we don’t carry those this time of year, you crazy hillbilly”). Now I’ve moved on to plan B: knit up a few pairs. I have a few caveats to this process. The socks must 1) knit up fairly quickly, using perhaps a size 5ish needle, and 2) they need to be sturdy. I nearly purchased this pattern, but decided at the last minute that I would rather draft my own. I already have a good toe-up pattern knit using the magic loop method (love toe-up, and love ML). And finally, here’s where I need your help: how to change this pattern to add the reinforcements necessary to produce a sock that will truly last? I’d like to work it double-stranded perhaps, and reinforce the heel and toe. Do any knitters out there have any advice or resources on adjusting the pattern? TIA 😉