I find it ironic that yesterday morning, at the EXACT moment LK was encouraging our congregation to enjoy the delicacies of the local donut shop, my sweet hubby was driving to said shop in search of a hot breakfast treat. No, we weren’t just flat-out skipping church, we had spent the full day Saturday (and night) with two pukey boys. Sunday morning (seeing that we wouldn’t be heading to corporate worship) a sugar-packed sweet and a giant americano were necessities. And they were mostly enjoyed to the fullest, although I admit to feeling a little bit of guilt after inhaling the donut(s). Upon hearing the missed (boo hoo!) sermon today, I hereby promise in the future to (1) slow down and savor the next donut, and (2) not feel guilty.

And for a little proof that our absence was excused, here are the sickies:

Oh, and the real irony? The shop was closed.