Once again, my web browser is piling up with great tabbed links. Posted here so that I can de-tab my browser and actually let my laptop sleep for once:

  • Child’s T-shirt pattern – We have a whopping two short-sleeved t-shirts for Braniac to wear this summer. On a whim, I searched google for a free pattern, and “ta-dah!” here it is. I think I have a half yard of stretchy knit somewhere to try this out on…
  • Haircut Cape – After yet another little boy haircutting session that ended with Braniac near tears and driven loco from itchiness, here is another google success. I think I’ll probably just end up making it in a cotton weave because i don’t think I have any slick-ish material around.
  • Giacomo’s Baby Hat – a cute knit hat that I intend to make (sans pom-pom) to match newbie’s sweater. I’ve never tried fair-isle and this seems like a good project to start.
  • BuyAlaska – I’m not sure how I browsed my way around to this site, but I likey. I’m not a strictly “buy local” gal, but if I can find something local for a comparable price, then by all means I want to try to support the local economy. Etsy’s Shop Local search feature is also great for finding local treasures.
  • Handwriting Worksheet Maker – perfect for helping me in our preschool lessons. This site can generate handwriting worksheets from whatever words you choose.
  • Foraging in Alaska –  The contents of the book Foraging and Wildcrafting in Alaska by Walsh and Fongemie. This is a great resource for identifying local edible plants. If only this book weren’t out of date. It’s tempting to copy the files and have them print it out downtown. This would be a priceless book to have on hand during a long term emergency. There are a couple of other Alaska-specific foraging books listed on Amazon. Does anyone know of any others?