Have you ever seen this music video? Kevin introduced us to this awesome video on YouTube. “This Too Shall Pass” is by the group OK Go. I love the business behind this group. They are very intelligently making some innovative music videos which get a lot of YouTube airtime. This, coupled with decent music, equals success for this band. Smart, smart, smart.

This video does contain the word H-E-double hockey sticks (I looked up the lyrics), but we’ve never noticed it before. Like many songs nowadays, much of the wording is unintelligible. Still worth a look-see:

For behind the scenes video of the making of this video, check out OK Go’s website here.

Now everyday Jimmy is begging me “can we make a Rube Goldberg machine?” If we ever get a decent machine made, I’ll be sure to post it here. Now to think of what the machine should do…