Since I last posted about Wolf Lake Wellness, much has changed with this local business. They’ve reorganized their website, spruced up the ordering process, added new local vendors (Lunachick goat milk and cheese, Matanuska Creamery, and 3 local bakeries), and added a local delivery option. Woohoo for delivery! Curious about Wolf Lake? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Order from Azure Standard. We use Azure for general grocery items. You can get shelf-stable, refrigerated, and frozen items.
  • Order organic produce (from Organically Grown). This makes up the bulk of WLW’s ordering. Fantastic quality and great prices. Here in Alaska we tend to forget what “good” produce tastes, looks, and stores like.
  • Order from Frontier Wholesale. We use Frontier for tea and coffee, bathroom items, and spices.
  • Order from other local vendors (milk, cheese, bakery items)

Check out the Wolf Lake Wellness website for a sample produce price sheet and more info.