Last week we celebrated the birthday of #2. I can’t believe Little Goat is already two years old! This kiddo is sooooo much work right now, but he gives really spectacular hugs. He’s also showing a compassionate streak, as he’s the first to grab a cold pack if I so much as utter “ouch”. If one of the other boys is crying, he takes the initiative to get some toilet paper for nose blowing (any guesses on how much paper is left on the roll after my sweet little helper is done?) It’s always interesting which kids exhibit certain character traits. With #1’s gentle, more subdued personality, I would have expected him to be the more compassionate one. But no, it’s Little Goat who is most likely to bonk someone on the head, and then make every effort to console them 🙂

Notice the awesome road rash under his nose? He got that war wound by diving out of the truck head-first. Sort of a slippery-snowsuit-meets-slippery-truck-seat move. Ouch.

Check out the super cool Gumby cake. Who doesn’t love Gumby?