We’re 300-some days into our church’s 1000 days of witness. Some thoughts from the days thus far:

  • In the beginning of the campaign, it was interesting to observe that the more I prayed for encounters to witness to folks, the more opportunities my husband received. Funny, eh?
  • I can name several times over the last year that I missed out on an opportunity to boldly speak Christ to people (not because of a belief in works righteousness, but because of a personal gratefulness for my own salvation and a desire to see others come to an understanding of their need for repentance of sins and acceptance of God’s grace through Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection and our faith in the sufficiency of that act). The young man at the supermarket with a very interesting tattoo, and the woman at a restaurant with a sweatshirt boldly emblazened with the word “Unforgiven” come to mind as opportunities lost.
  • I was recently reminded that I do have a ripe mission field in my own home, as Kevin and I have the opportunity to speak the Gospel daily to our three young boys. That is a crucial calling, but I also have a strong desire to WANT to share the good news of Christ with every person the Holy Spirit prompts me to speak with. I am confident that as I pursue knowledge of God through time in my Bible, and communicate this heart’s desire through prayer, God will respond.
  • I don’t have enough scripture memorized. A witnessing encounter by yours truly is likely to involve the spouting of John 3:16, and then a long pause for any other verses as I mentally sing my way through the alphabet. “Here, just a minute, I’ve got some other great verses for you, let’s see… A – All we like sheep have gone astray… B – By grace we have been saved… C – Carry each other’s burdens. Ok, maybe that one isn’t so applicable here. Let’s see if I can come up with some more! D…” Messy, huh? Any great ideas/systems out there to help me memorize scripture specifically in preparation for sharing the gospel? Any willing partners to give me a pop quiz on occasion? 🙂