Oh dearie I be lovin’ my life. Sweet little Joseph, just like Jacob did two years ago, slid right into the Maxwell House routine. Unlike two years ago, however, I am not naive enough to believe that this behavior will continue uninterrupted by general baby-ness. Here’s the run-down of the first 3 weeks:


  • Little man started smiling at 1.5 weeks. Clearly a sign of genius πŸ™‚
  • Due to household business Joseph naps in his crib. I just don’t have time or opportunity to let him sleep in my arms very often (the nightly 8-10pm nursefest excluded). I’m thinking that this method will hopefully allow him to slide right into the regimented Maxwell sleep schedule that we usually implement around 2 months (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Weissbluth)
  • The big boys seem to be weathering the change well. We implemented a few new routines (cleaning, room-time) before Joseph came along, and these are saving my bacon now. Particularly the daily “big boys play in the bedroom while mommy finishes dinner” routine. Yeah baby.


  • We still haven’t worked past a single 3 hour night-time stretch. I’m getting less sleep at this stage than I did with the two others. Probably because loud sleeper Joseph got booted from our bedroom and into his crib at one week. Seriously, it’s like there was an Elephant in the room. Even without much consolidated night sleep, I still feel good. Really. I think it’s all the prayer my Mom is doing. Thanks mom.
  • I do occasionally (read: often) loose my patience. Big shocker, huh? You know all those studies that show that older children feel like they always got the short end of the stick? I think these first few weeks are that time for Brainiac and Little Goat. This is the time they’ll look back at from their therapist’s couch and complain about how the baby got all mama’s lovin’.Poor little people. My best chance at combatting this is to keep up daily time in my Bible, and keep on using “room time” when I feel my head starting to explode. You’re totally nodding, aren’t you?
  • The big boys moved to the back row of seats in the van. How in the world am I supposed to do my usual swerving-down-the-road-while-throwing-sippys-and-crackers-in-the-back-seat routine? It’s true that Wasilla roadways are now safer that I’ve given up on that tactic, but there’s gotta be a solution. Kevin joked about installing a pulley system. I still enjoy attempting a long shot by throwing said nourishment over my shoulder at a kiddo, but I always miss. That makes us laugh though, and right now the laughter is even more valuable than a cracker actually hitting its mark πŸ™‚