Our four year old loves playing Candy Land (what preschooler doesn’t?) I too have fond memories of the game, and I remember imagining myself transported into a world of candy creatures and magnificent castles. Are you ready for another “Before I had kids I said I’d never do that” parenting confession?

We stack the deck. Yup. It’s true. Let’s face it, Candy Land can drag on and on given no “tweaking” of the deck. I love to see the joy on Jimmy’s face as he plays the game, but Mommy and Daddy can only handle so much time at the game board (20 min.) before our brains turn to mush. So, we’ve taken to quickly reorganizing the deck halfway through the game to speed things up. You know what I’m talking about: “Look, you got the ice cream cone!” “Two double blues in a row? You’re almost to the castle!”

And want to hear something even worse? We always make sure he gets the Gumdrop card. It’s terrible, I know, but his sweet little face is worth it. We’ll have to play the game with real rules someday, but for now this is good enough 🙂