For baby boy #3 (which we are still awaiting, btw) we really haven’t needed to make many purchases. A coming home outfit, an extra swaddling blanket, and we’re all set. The one splurge we made this time around was researching video monitors (mostly through and In November we purchased the Summer Infant Day & Night Video monitor from amazon. This is an awesome monitor, and we are sooo excited to be able to use it with the new baby. We’ve tested it out with Jacob (he sleeps in the baby’s room for naps) and it works really well, with terrific night vision and daytime monitoring. We can see how it will be particularly useful when #3 learns to roll over and pull up to standing. You know, those times when you’re wondering “What in the world is going on in there?” but you don’t want to creak open the door to peek.

This monitor retails for $180, but we got it from for $107. How? Using a tool called Amazon Price Watch we listed the url and then over the course of a couple of months, any time the listed Amazon price would change, I got an email noting the new price. It’s always a gamble when to buy (will the price drop more?) but that’s part of the fun, just like eBay 🙂 This Price Watch tool can be used to monitor any Amazon item. Sweet.