Today was a lazy Saturday. Those are the best kind of weekends! Late in the morning we ran some errands, stopping for lunch at Burger King. Yes, with all of my talk about health food, I still happily eat an occasional fast food burger. You just can’t beat a cheesily-delicious BK double cheeseburger for $1.50. At the close of our meal, a nice couple came into the restaurant and the wife made a beeline for our table. Smiling, she declared, “It is so nice to come in here and see your kid’s sweet smiling faces!” I glanced at the boys. They weren’t being too monkey-ish at the moment, but they were both sprawled across the booth (one sitting on the table, and one attempting to climb over the dividing wall). What a sweet woman, to just focus on their smiles, and to not notice their less-than-conventional seating arrangements! A short time later this sweet woman returned and gave me two dimes, indicating that they were for the boys. The monkeys said thank you (whew!), and we stored the precious dimes away to be spent on some gummy bears later. In retrospect, I wish I would have saved those two coins and written down the story to tell the boys someday.

Kind people make such a big impact.