Jimmy has got the whole “baby in the belly” idea down pat. He understands that he’ll get to meet the baby in February. He’s a bit obsessed with tummies right now. This made for an interesting time at Target today. Can you guess where this is heading? Our conversation while in the checkout line today:

Jimmy: “Mommy, Look!” (points at cashier) “She has a baby in her tummy too!”

Mommy: (glances at cashier who is clearly NOT pregnant, and tries to alleviate in the situation) “Um, no sweetie.” (grasps for a subject change) “Aren’t you excited for your friend’s birthday party tomorrow?”

Whew! Crises averted. The cashier likely heard the comment, but it wasn’t within close enough proximity to be blatantly rude. I wonder what I would have done had Jimmy not taken the bait for a subject change? Now that would have required some real parenting 🙂