I’m just finishing up One Man’s Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey. This book is based on the Journals of Dick Proenneke, who lived in a remote cabin in Southwestern Alaska. I was looking for an easy no-brainer read (ya know, before bed type material). This book really hit the spot. I loved reading about Proenneke’s everyday life in the wilderness: chopping wood, building his cabin, exploring the country, and cooking beans and sourdough. We’ve been eating a lot more beans and sourdough as I’ve been traveling with Proenneke through the book – yum! In honor of the last chapter, here’s my own Proenneke-esque journaling of today’s events:

Up before dawn (haha) to tend to my duties. A hurried morning with much to do before our short journey to the church. The air was crisp but snow is still no where to be seen. I wonder when our winter wonderland will arrive? Errands after worship, but we knew it was time to head home when the children’s behavior began to resemble that of rambunctious squirrels. A quiet afternoon. Evening wood-cutting and moose nachos for dinner. All in all, a good day.