As I’m perusing the Frontier Wholesale sale flyer for the month, I’m reminded that I’ve been meaning to update you all on our adventure with Wolf Lake Wellness, a local food co-op. We first began ordering with Wolf Lake Wellness in February of this year. You can see my excited first post on the topic here. WLW is a cooperative that ships up fresh produce from Organically Grown, out of Oregon. They also take orders for Azure Farms, out of Darfur, Oregon (grocery and household items). In addition, the coop has also begun ordering with Frontier Natural Products coop (bath and body supplies, household goods, teas, and spices).

Since my first post the co-op has grown in size, and now the organizer has a great website and database system for online ordering of produce. Check out the website here. There is a once yearly $10 fee per member to maintain the site. The organizer, Ludie, has lots of info on the main page, including a sample price list. Orders typically arrive the second Monday of each month. Produce ordering lasts a week and tbbbggggggggggghis (sorry, little goat commandeered the keyboard for a moment) the next round begins this Sunday, Nov. 1st and ends the following Sunday. Azure orders this month are due Nov. 6th.

How do we use the co-op? We typically place orders with all three companies once a month (Produce, Azure, and Frontier). Azure and Frontier both put out sales flyers each month, and I usually order primarily from those. With the produce I plan for the WLW order to last us 3 weeks, and then buy a small amount of produce the last week. I LOVE just swinging by the co-op once a month and picking up the majority of our groceries, but I still have to find the perfect balance between getting everything shipped and shopping only at the local store. Right now, it’s been helpful to just have hubby swing by after work and pick up milk and eggs each week. He’s not prone to buying extras as I am 🙂