A photo of #1 in his new glasses. Who doesn’t love a 3 year old in glasses? Too cute!

JimmysGlassesRight now I’m reading Hide or Seek by Dobson. With a 3 (almost 4) year old around the house I’m finding that a lot of the parenting books I own are finally starting to become interesting. Hide or Seek is one of Dobson’s lesser-known books. This book is all about instilling self-confidence in children in a world that is constantly trying to erode their confidence. From the book’s description:

From the moment they are born, children experience an unfortunate value system that reserves respect and esteem for a select few. Those who fail to measure up end up resigning themselves to a lifetime of feeling inadequate and inferior.

Since it’s by Dobson, you know it is NOT a book about teaching kiddos to become little snobs, but instead teaching them through loving parenting that they are innately valuable as God’s creation. Love, love, love this book. If only reading this book through a bunch of times would actually remind me to be that loving parent all the time 🙂