We painted our living room three years ago when Jimmy was a baby. A color was carefully selected based on what would best compliment our deep blue furniture. We knew we wanted a green color, but as we surfed around the color wheel to a color with the same depth (hue?) of the furniture, we wound up at a green-blue color. I’ll admit, the furniture and the walls complement each other well. But, with such a large room (vaulted ceilings) I tend to sometimes feel like Ariel, stuck under the sea and longing for dry land. I really wanted to stick this color out for five years, but I think I’ve had enough. I feel restricted.

So today has been my “decor for dummies” day. Wow. I’ve realized I know nearly nothing about decorating! I know what rooms I like and which I hate, but that’s the bulk of my knowledge. Enter Google.

One of the most helpful pages has been How to Choose a Color Scheme by About.com. Their tips:

  1. Choose a style and a theme. What? Rooms are supposed to have themes?!!
  2. With this in mind, choose an anchor fabric or piece
  3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Decorate accordingly

I never realized before how important it is to actually pick a style and theme. I’ve never taken the time to actually look through some photos of living rooms to pick out my favorite attributes of a room. Yay. I’m happy.

The resulting “likes” of my search:

  • spanish style (sconces, dark woods)
  • I don’t care if it’s boring, I want my walls to be light brown sugar!
  • jade and blue accents with the occasional splash of alternate color (yellow?)
  • Time to start keep an eye out on craiglist for spanish-inspired pieces
  • I think I want a tapestry. That makes me feel old. Or wierd. Not sure which.

Painting the room will be the biggest step, and one where the majority of the work falls on hubby’s shoulders. So, even though it seems out-of-order, I’d like to start decorating other aspects of the room now and leave the painting for some dreary early-winter afternoon when there’s nothing to do outside.

Some other links from my search: