Condor fares are out for this next travel season. As I posted previously, Condor is a subsidiary of Lufthansa, and flies nonstop from Anchorage to Frankfurt from May through October. Nonstop, people! I salivate over the chance to take this trip myself someday (thanks to little bean #3 our 2010 European extravaganza has become 2012).

Right now, the cheapest tickets for the 2010 season are $1059 US (incl. fees). Prices go up from this amount beginning with the Tuesday, Jun 1 flight for the Anchorage to Frankfurt leg, and beginning with the Saturday, June 12th flight for the return flight. This is much more expensive than the $750 deal from 2008, but still a good price for low-hassle travel to Europe.

Condor’s site has been updated and it’s much easier to see with just a few clicks where the great bargains are for the season. Check it out and send me a post card if you take the leap.