Toddlers XboxLast week #1 and I had a great conversation about the coming baby. He has decided that the baby is sleeping in mommy’s tummy and will wake up in a few months. During our lovely chat, he determined that at some point, the baby would have to exit mommy’s tummy so that we could meet him/her. At this point he asks “Where’d the hole go?” Uh Oh. I know what he means, but I ask him to clarify. “What do you mean, sweetie?” He again replies, “Where’d the hole go?” Oh dear. I panicked. Luckily for me, in about 10 seconds he says, “Your belly button?” And, in my panicked state I reply “Ummmm, yeah…” Pre-kids I think I remember saying that I’d never tell my child that babies come out of belly buttons. Before kids there were a lot of things I said that I would never do 🙂

In other news I nearly had myself convinced this morning that I was leaking amniotic fluid. At 17 weeks that would be a big problem. After a few minutes of detective work (with my heart beating so hard I nearly got light-headed) I determined that no, it wasn’t amniotic fluid, but merely the work of an 18 month old with a soggy night-time diaper who had been sitting in my lap watching cartoons. Whew. Just toddler pee.