With the first pregnancy I craved cheesecake and tex-mex. With the second it was health food. With the third I can’t get enough Thai food and cheap frozen burritos. Forget about the burritos for a second, that’s not how I want to be remembered 🙂 Last night I found myself seriously craving some Thai coconut chicken soup (Thom Kar Kai?) and spring rolls. Lucky for hubby, the restaurant had just closed a few minutes before. This afternoon, craving intact, I remembered a long lost package of rice noodle soup that had lain uneaten for months on our garage shelves. Enter: Thai Kitchen Thai Curry noodle soup. Oh dear. I am happy. This instant wonder isn’t about to replace a monthly date to the local Thai food joint, but it is sure a good thing for a pregnant lady with a craving. Plus, it’s a whole lot cheaper than springing on the real thing too often.

Oh, and so you too can plan your next dinner date, here’s the link to Wasilla’s Mekong Thai Cuisine restaurant. There’s an online menu so you can plan ahead. If you’re going for lunch you won’t regret ordering the lunch special. Spring rolls, soup of the day, and an entree for around $10. Kevin likes the traditional Pad Thai and I love Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles). Yum.