If I could have a theme song for this year, that would be it. Ever feel like you’re battling the same stupid stuff over and over again? I am constantly coming back to my lack of a “clean heart” being the root of the sinful thoughts in my dopey head. Wanna peek? Things might get a bit ugly. Maybe you should cover your eyes a wee bit, just in case.

Thought’s that have run through Janeen’s head:

“Yeah, well, she may have a spotless house, but her kids are terrors”

“What? She doesn’t have a garden? One point for Janeen!”

“Who cares if you grind your own wheat and do a bunch of other “cool” stuff Janeen, SHE does all that and more.”

My biggest help when I’m feeling weighed down by my own sinful heart is prayer. Lots of prayer. All these rediculous thoughts tend to pull me back into the one place I don’t need to be: myself. I’m already obsessed with myself as it is, I don’t need to be putting the spotlight there any more than necessary πŸ˜‰ Praying desperately for God to help me focus on HIM and to see humanity through His eyes brings me relief. I am so thankful to be the child of a God who desires for us to come to him directly, and often.