Kevin's Da Man

Overheard spoken by a certain Maxwell House Dad: “We should go to a rock concert to give our ears a rest.”

If I could live on bread and cheese, I totally would. In the bread world, I am diggin’ a spelt/kamut/prairie gold blend. Our current cheese obsession (I don’t use that word lightly) is Dubliner by KerryGold. We buy it from Costco. Dontcha just love that giant hanger of a store?

In other news, my husband rocks. We were at a wedding this past weekend when I had a sudden realization of yet another way he is a super hubby. He accepts who I am. Wahoo. Let me elaborate; often I say goofy stuff, and he never teases me or gets embarrassed of me. A little dialogue as an example (spoken at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony):

Lovely stranger behind me: “It was a pleasure to sit behind you. You’ve got gorgeous curly hair!”
Me: “Oh gee, I’m glad I took a shower today!” Then embarrassingly fumbling, “I mean I was debating, uh… uh…”

Who says that kind of stuff? TMI Janeen, TMI. I think maybe it stems from that whole “I want everyone to be my friend” thing. Like I assume that presumptuous intimacy will accomplish a lifelong bond of chats over coffee and European cruises. Oh dear. And my man? He didn’t say a word 🙂