I’ve long been wanting to do a “reality check” post. You know, bare my sinful soul for the readership (mom) in hopes of sharing the reality of life as the Maxwell House wife and mommy, and eradicating any possibility that I be somehow misinterpreted as a super-wife, super-mom, or super-blogger. However, when my sinful heart is laid across a page it just doesn’t seem to transfer to paper like it does in person. Via blog post, my testimony of God’s initial call to repentance and continual working can come off as too personal and sort of scary. Like finding a booger or a wad of chewed up gum under your chair at a restaurant, I think this post is best left untouched. So, I’ll save my testimony (past and continuing) for personal conversations that necessitate its conveyance. That being said, I am such a work in progress! I am continually surprised at how much work I still need to allow God to do in my character (see, the fact that I am surprised just shows how much PRIDE I still need to conquer). I am so thankful that he who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it (Phil 1:6). Man, is he willing to take on a tough task or what? God, give me a passion to pursue you so that I will stop being a road block to you, but instead a well-swept path with no obstacles in the way of your moulding me into a bullhorn for your Glory!