I did it. This morning I was out with the kids running errands, and we finished up around lunch time. I could have made it home for a hasty lunch, but I decided to be wild and crazy. I went through the drive thru by myself! No husband, just a hungry momma craving some fries (which I later regretted) and a couple of bored kids. Ahh, the power, the freedom of buying fast food for no reason. I don’t think I’ll repeat the experience but once a year; it was just a little too zany for this cave-girl.

The lack of posts recently are due to Kevin being gone for a few days at an awesome conference.  Some upcoming posts I’m working on: Janeen’s gardening adventures, post #4 of Emergency Preparedness, and college savings revisited.

Note: This photo was taken from the fascinating EnglishRussia blog. Their tagline? “Because something cool happens daily on 1/6 of the Earth’s surface”