We just had a minor power outage (1 hour), and I loved it! It would have been even more enjoyable if we had our wood stove installed (just purchased), but it was a great experience nonetheless. After a few minutes of “what in the world am I supposed to do?” I set out to FINALLY update the boys’ journals, and do some reading. I even lit one of our oil lamps just for kicks.

<<side note: those oil burning lamps are really stinkin’ handy, consider picking up a couple, they’re easy to find in the decor or candle section of many stores. Oh, and if you know where to find some wicks for them, let me know, I have extra oil but can’t seem to find any wick material>>

It was only an hour, but I felt like time slowed down. I’m probably just being melodromatic, but it was really relaxing. As the lights kicked back on and I heard the rushing hum of appliances and equipment starting back up, I realized how great the silence was. Not that I’m planning on getting rid of my refrigerator or anything; you bet yer buns I appreciate technology! This night simply served as a reminder that sometimes the activities that require the least technology are the most rewarding 🙂

Oh, and this to show that I am still human: I missed the office. Argh!!