In March of 2008 I wrote this post, showing off a new site that I found called The Whole Grain Gourmet. I’ve used a couple recipes from this site so far, including Whole Wheat Snickerdoodles, which totally rocked. They’re made with whole wheat pastry flour, which is a whole wheat flour made with a soft white wheat instead of the typical hard wheats. Whole wheat pastry flour rules the cookie/dessert world. I like to keep a bag around for the occasional cake or pie crust. You can find it in the “natural” section with the grains and flours (we get Bob’s Red Mill).

My new favorite hippie food site is 101 Cookbooks. My Sister-in-law introduced me to this site, and it’s a foodie’s dream. Many of the recipes can be a bit daunting (fancy-pants ingredients and way more bowls than I want to dirty up), but they’re all very tweakable to fit a hillbilly Alaskan’s cooking style. This woman makes whole grains soooooo luxurious. Some recipes I’ve enjoyed: Amazing Black Bean Brownies, Anzac cookies (a cool history behind the name), Frozen Yogurt to Rival Pinkberry’s, and Almost Cheeseless Casserole. A recipe that I haven’t yet tried, but sounds terrific is the Homemade and All-Natural Thin Mint recipe. An excerpt from her post on the Anzac:

Everyone has a favorite cookie. Believe it or not, mine is the Anzac. If French macarons are the prim and proper princesses of cookies, these are quite the opposite.