Fresh Eggs

I’ve never had a fresh egg before. At least not in my adult life. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had some when I was younger (mom was resourceful) but I have no memory of trying them. We ran out of eggs yesterday and we decided to “go for it”. We went on to Triple D Poultry Farm’s website for directions. I had heard of Triple D several months ago (even before the infamous turkey pardon incident) but I mistakenly thought the farm was located near the fairgrounds and me being the hermit I am, I didn’t want to drive that far. It turns out they’re located just across from the Wasilla Harley shop. That is SO doable.

We ran (drove really- it’s hard to run with eggs) by their shop after church today and we were very happy with their set-up. There is a retail shop in one of the farm buildings, so it’s not like you have to go knock on their front door and feel all uncomfortable about barging in on their dinner. They are open from 10-7 on weekdays and Saturdays and 12-6 on Sundays. Triple D offers fresh eggs, whole frozen chicken and turkey, smoked chicken and turkey, and Matanuska creamery cheese and milk. They also sell chicks. Check here for prices. Good thing for Kevin that we live in a no poultry subdivision, or I’d have him out there building a coop in no time. Have I ever mentioned how great my husband is for indulging me in my hippie tendencies?

Back to the eggs. They’re $5 a dozen. More expensive than the store’s basic eggs, but a small enough price difference that it is SO worth buying these eggs from a local farmer who raises healthy poultry who get to run around and stretch their wings. We enjoyed these eggs, and both agreed that there IS a difference between fresh and store bought, although a subtle one. Our next Triple D adventure will be to bake a store bought chicken simultaneously with a fresh local chicken and compare. Anyone interested in a taste test? 🙂