The book club I belong to just finished book called The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe. Without going into details, it’s about the authors’ theory on historical cycles and how generations operate within those cycles. The book ends with a section on preparing for what they consider the critical end of this cycle, what they call “The Fourth Turning”. Whether or not we are entering some sort of “Fourth Turning” is debatable, but either way emergency preparedness is never a bad idea. How far you take your preparations is up to you and your family. For some it may be simply buying a case of water to have around, for others it may mean a fully stocked pantry and a woodstove.

There are three areas to consider when preparing for an emergency (at home):

  • Food
  • Water
  • Warmth

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll address each section. I don’t have any original material for this, so I’ll be turning to some of my favorite preparedness blogs as sources of information. Here at Maxwell House we haven’t actually sat down and done any serious preparations, just stored a bit of extra food, but that’s it. I’m hoping this series will get my heiny in gear for making sure we’re ready for an emergency (whether it be a power outage or a food shortage).