WLW order

Last night we picked up our first Organic produce order from Wolf Lake Wellness (located 10 min. down Wasilla Fishhook). Oh boy, am I excited. WLW is a cooperative that ships up fresh produce from Organically Grown, out of Oregon. They also take orders for Azure Farms, out of Darfur, Oregon (grocery and household items). I helped do some sorting last night, and let me tell you (sounds like I’m selling something, huh?), all the fruits and veggies looked amazing. Organically Grown guarantees all their produce, so there’s no chance of getting smooshed or rotten fruit. This being our first trial of WLW, we only ordered $40 of produce, including Naval Oranges, Minneolas, Kale, Kumquats, Pears, Mangos, Broccoli, Avocados, and yellow onions. The owner breaks down cases into portions as small as 1/8 case so that customers can try a new product. The breaking down of cases is very labor intensive, so customers are encouraged to buy whole and half cases whenever possible. There are hundreds of different types of produce available. The prices are phenomenal, I’d guess 50-75% the price of Organic produce from the grocery store. Check out WLF’s yahoo group for more info. The owner will be taking orders for March produce, but will be taking April and May off (boo hoo), so if you’re interested you might want to check them out soon. I expect that March orders will be taken towards the end of this month.

Now all I need to do is figure out how to make sure we order the maximum amount that we can actually eat, and get creative on storing the rest (freezing, drying, etc.) In my ideal world I’d just make this order once a month and not have to pick up any other produce from the grocery. I am SO not there yet 🙂 If only Glacier Valley Farm CSA would add a Wasilla drop off, I could get the bulk of my produce from WLW and still get fresh local produce weekly. Ahhh, that would be good!