Posts from February 2008:

Today I started in on Money, Possessions, and Eternity by Randy Alcorn. We’ve had this book several years (won it off of a KAFC contest), and it just never looked appealing. After reading the intro, I am excited and realizing that this book has a lot of appeal for me.

I still haven’t finished this Alcorn book. I got halfway through and…? Argh.

this week, I efiled on Sunday and discovered during my Tuesday (36 week) appointment that we’ll be having this baby sooner than we thought. Three days later I think I’m finally mentally “ready”. Now just to cook a few more days (37 weeks is considered full term) and then we’ll see how my next appointment (Tuesday) goes

Ha. This makes me laugh. Jacob didn’t arrive until 39 weeks, and that only after an induction (my midwife was leaving for Hawaii, among other reasons). I am so NOT finding out how things are “progressing” until at least 39 weeks next time. Lesson learned.

This was my first attempt at using an icing bag, and it looks a bit like a blind monkey did the decorating. I just told everyone that Jimmy helped 🙂

he took a lick of the frosting, but otherwise no cake entered his tummy. I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad that he doesn’t seem to like sugar!

This most recent birthday’s icing bag fun didn’t go much better. I kept popping the top off the bag while trying to fill the cupcakes. It’s turned into a battle of wills now. Who will win? Janeen or the icing bag? Oh, and this whole Jimmy doesn’t like sugar thing has taken a recent u-turn. It’s about time.